Tarumizu 1000 Ginkgo Park /
Tarumizu Senbon Icho Park
~Visit The Golden Forest with The View of Kagoshima Bay~

The autumn, with its colored leaves has come.
In this season, many people visit the Ginkgo Park in Tarumizu, on the shore opposite Kagoshima city.



The Glowing Ginkgo Park


Walking along the golden line of ginkgo trees, you will feel like you are in a movie scene.

This 4.5-hectare ginkgo park was cleared by the owners from 1978, and they planted  planted ginkgo trees year after year.
They opened the park which has 1,200 ginkgo trees, to the public.
This park won the 1st Kagoshima Good View Award in 2011.

Entrance is free!

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The View of The Bay from The Park

Climbing up the stairs, you will come out on a hill with two benches, and the view from there with Sakurajima, Kinko Bay (Kagoshima Bay), and Mt.Kaimon is spectacular.


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Lighting-up at Night

During the best season of gingko color, the trees are lit up at night.


The Light-up period and The Time

November 19th (Sat) ~ December 4th (Sun), 2022
18:00 ~ 21:00

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The Ginkgo Color Change Information

Tarumizu city uploads photos to show the ginkgo color to people on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Visit the Tarumizu City Official Website to see the photos.

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From Kagoshima City
(Kagoshima Chuo Station → Kamoike Ferry Terminal → Kamoike Port → Tarumizu 1000 Gingko Park)

1.From Kagoshima Chuo Station to Kamoike Ferry Terminal: About 30 minutes by Kagoshima Kotsu Bus (Fee: 160 yen/adult)
2.From Kamoike Ferry Terminal to Tarumizu Port: About 45 minutes by ferry (Fee: 500 yen/adult)
3.From Tarumizu Port to the Tarumizu 1000 Ginkgo Park: About 12 minutes by car (Fee: About 2,000 yen by taxi)


From Tarumizu City Center

From Tarumizu City Center to the Tarumizu 1000 Ginkgo Park: About 10 minutes by car
*There is no regular bus service.


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Parking Area

This year, 3 parking lots (Parking Lot 1, Temporary Parking Lot 2, Temporary Parking Lot 3) are available.

Parking Lot 1

Place: In the Tarumizu 1000 Ginkgo Park
Number of Parking Spaces: 33
Details: No charge / Available All Year / Buses are prohibited / U-turn prohibited


Parking Lot 2

Place: Old Prefectural Road Next to The Park
Number of Parking Spaces: 25
Available Period: November 21 (Mon) ~ December 9 (Fri)  *Weekdays only
Details: No charge
(Buses are prohibited / U-turns are prohibited)


Parking Lot 3

Place: About 1km from the Tarumizu 1000 Ginkgo Park towards Tarumizu city center
Number of Parking Spaces: 
Available Period: November 19 (Sat) ~ November 20 (Sun), November 23 (Wed)
November 25 (Fri) ~ November 27 (Sun)
December 2 (Fri) ~ December 4 (Sun)
            December 10 (Sat) ~ December 11 (Sun)

Details: During the period above, there is a shuttle bus service every 10 minutes from this parking lot to the Tarumizu 1000 Gingko Park from 9:00 to 17:00.
It takes about 3 minutes from the parking lot to the park.
The shuttle bus operation is subject to change due to the weather.

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Entrance Fee




Please enjoy the beautiful scenery in the limited time on the seasonal romantic golden path!







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