Winter Illumination Tour
~ Kagoshima City View Night View Course ~

Kagoshima City View is a good choice for a winter illumination tour.
The Kagoshima City View, operated by the Kagoshima City Transportation Bureau, is a sightseeing bus that tours around the sightseeing spots of Kagoshima City.

In addition to its retro exterior look or aquarium-inspired appearance, the interior design is also nice with the use of wood and wide windows.

Each ride costs 230 yen (120 yen for primary school students and under), but a one-day pass (600 yen for adults, with a discount passport for tourist facilities and restaurants) allows unlimited rides on trams and city buses.

Furthermore, the one-day pass for the Night View Course is reasonably priced at 300 yen for adults.



(Photo:Tenmonkan Millionation・©Kagoshima City)

Kagoshima City View - Night View Course –


The Kagoshima City View Night View Course takes you to illuminated spots such as Kagoshima Chuo Station (Amu Plaza), the Tenmonkan Street Illumination, Tenmonkan Millionation and Minato Odori Park. The SHIROYAMA Winter Illumination at the Shiroyama Hotel, which offers a panoramic night view of the Kagoshima city center, is another popular spot.

Night View Courses operate on Friday and Saturday evenings in December and January.



Kagoshima City View Night View Course Route


① Kagoshima Chuo Station → ② Tenmonkan → ③ Water Front Park →  ④ City Hall → ⑤ Shiroyama → ⑥ Tha Statue of Saigo (Hozan Hall Side) → ⑦ Tenmonkan → ⑧ Kagoshima Chuo Station

*The Kagoshima Chuo Station bus stop is East Exit Bus Terminal East No. 4.
*Each bus stop between City Hall and Temmonkan has several stops, depending on the destination. Be sure to check the ‘Kagoshima City View (カゴシマシティービュー)’ sign at the bus stop.
Also, at the Waterfront Park and Saigo Takamori Statue bus stops, please take a bus from the ‘Kagoshima City View Night View (カゴシマシティービュー夜景)’ stop.



Kagoshima City View Night View Course Time Table


Bus Stop

Operating on Fridays and Saturdays

Kagoshima Chuo Station (鹿児島中央駅)





Tenmonkan (天文館)





Waterfront Park (ウォーターフロントパーク)





City Hall (市役所前)





Shiroyama (城山)





The Statue of Saigo (西郷銅像前)





Tenmonkan (天文館)





Kagoshima Chuo Station (鹿児島中央駅)





(as of December, 2023)


*Operates every Friday and Saturday in December and January.
*Except in August, December, and January, it operates normally on Saturdays only. (The bus may operate seasonally, e.g. during the Golden Week in May and Bon periods in August.)

This course fully allows visitors to enjoy the Amu Plaza illumination, the Tenmonkan Millionation, a stroll along Tenmonkan Street, and the illumination of Minato Odori Park.

The illumination of the Shiroyama Hotel and the night view of Kagoshima City are also beautiful.

We also recommend viewing the illumination of the camphor trees along Naples Street leading to Chuo Station from Amuran, the symbolic Ferris wheel of Amu Plaza Kagoshima.

The Kagoshima City View Night View Course is the best way to see the various night views of Kagoshima City.



Kagoshima City View Night View Course Fees and Ticket Selling Points


Fee: Adults ¥230/ride / Primary school students and under ¥120/ride
A one-day ticket for the Night View Course: Adults ¥300


(乗換案内App Icon)


*Please put your fee in the fee box next to the driver’s seat.
*Kagoshima City View Night View Course tickets can be purchased on the bus.
You can also get the tickets on the smartphone app ‘乗換案内 (Norikae Annai)’.



Holders of the following tickets can also enjoy the Kagoshima City View Night View Course.


A one-day pass for trams, city buses, and City View

Unlimited rides for the whole day, 600 yen for adults and 300 yen for children, with coupons for special offers, valid only for the day of purchase.


Tram, city bus, and City View 24-hour ticket

Unlimited rides throughout the day, ¥800 for adults and ¥400 for children, with coupons for special offers, valid for 24 hours from the start of use / please purchase from the smartphone app “乗換案内”).



In addition to the tram, city bus, and Kagoshima City View, Sakurajima Ferry and Sakurajima Island View (Sakurajima Sightseeing Bus) are also available. 1-day ticket Adult ¥1,200 Child ¥600 / 2-day ticket Adult ¥1,800 Child ¥900.



Inquiries about Kagoshima City View

Tel: Kagoshima City Transportation Bureau 099-257-2117
Official Site:







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