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Park-and-ride facilities are car parks with connections to public transport that allow commuters and other people heading to city centers to leave their vehicles and transfer to a bus or rail system.
Park-and-rides are generally located in the suburbs of metropolitan areas or on the outer edges of large cities.
In Japan, they are used for commuting in Sapporo, Aichi, Kumamoto, Hiroshima and some other places.

(The picture above is the poster which is used for a Park & Ride field trial in Hiroshima)

So, when I heard that “there is a park & ride in Kagoshima, too”, I thought,  “where?”
I imagined it should have been in Yoshino or Taniyama, which are a little far from the city center.

Park & Rides in Kagoshima are not for getting to the city center, but they are for customers who use the Shinkansen or limited express from Kagoshima Chuo Station.

I had a chance to go to Fukuoka the other day, so I used the service.

First, you park the car at the car park.
There are 2 Park and Ride car parks near Kagoshima Chuo Station.

One is “Amu Plaza Kagoshima Car Park (アミュプラザ鹿児島駐車場)” and the other is Kagoshima Chuo-eki Nishiguchi Dai2 Chusha-jo (鹿児島中央駅西口第2駐車場)”.

I decided to park at “Kagoshima Chuo-eki Nishiguchi Dai2 Chusha-jo” this time.

Drive towards the station from Chuo Station West Entrance cross road, and turn right at the lights before the station, then if you drive under the viaduct you can see the car park on the right side.

This road is a one-way street, so when you drive there, please be careful not to overshoot the venue as you have to go right round to get back in.

You can read “400 yen / 24 hours for Customers who use JR Kyushu Shinkansen or limited express (to Miyazaki city and stations beyond)” on the sign at the entrance (Warning; If you park for more than 72 hours, paying will be calculated at the normal rate for that time on).

!Caution!  As of 2018, The fee is changed to 500 yen / 24 hours.

The normal fee is 100 yen / 30 minutes in the day time and 100 yen / 60 minutes at night.

If you want to use the system, you need to get a stamp on your parking ticket before you get on the Shinkansen or limited express.
Get the stamp at the ticket gate or the ticket office which is called “Midori-no Madoguchi (みどりの窓口)” at Kagoshima Chuo Station.
When you get the stamp, you need to show your passenger tickets.

Now, you simply put your parking ticket into the ticket machine when you leave the car park after your travel, then the machine will calculate the discount fee.

I parked for 12 hours on the day I traveled, and I paid just 500 yen.

Amu Plaza Car Park is slightly more expensive and costs 600 yen / 24 hours.

(Photo: Amu Plaza Car Park information board )

If you travel to Miyakonojo and stations beyond from Kagoshima Chuo Station by Shinkansen or limited express, this system is conveniente.


JR Kyushu:







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