Autumn Leaves Viewing 2022
~Autumn in Kagoshima and Events~

It’s a beautiful season with clear air and high blue skies.

The mountains are beginning to turn autumnal colors. Maple viewing has a long history as depicted in “Tale of Genji”.

It is nice to go out and enjoy autumn in Japan!


Kagoshima City
Kirishima Area
North Satsuma Area
South Satsuma Area
Osumi Area
Southern Islands


*Information will be updated from time to time.

Kagoshima City


◆◆◆ Kagoshima Prefectural Youth Training Center (Kenritsu Senshonen Kenshu Center / 県立青少年研修センター) ◆◆◆

Best time to see: The start of November ~ the start of December

This center is the place to enjoy autumn leaf viewing in Kagoshima City.
From the park, you can see Sakurajima and the Takakuma mountain range.
Spread your lunch on the lawn and enjoy a calm autumn day.

The Kaede-no-sono, where about 150 maple trees of five types are planted in a garden of about 2,500 square meters, will be open to the public according to the season of autumn leaves. This year, it is open to the public from October 22nd (Sat) to November 27th (Sun

Open:9:00 ~ 16:00
Parking:116 spaces (No charge)

Kagoshima Prefectural Youth Training Center Events

☆” Autumn Promenade (Aki-no Sanpo-michi /秋の散歩道) “ Open to the Public 〜Maple Garden (Kaede-no Sono / かえでの園) 〜☆

It is open to the public for the season of autumn leaves.

Date: October 22nd (Sat), 2022 ~ November 27th (Sun), 2022
Time: 9:00 ~ 16:00
            *Rainy days are also open.
Entrance Fee:Free
*For the detailed map for the walking course, please click here (Kagoshima Prefectural Board of Education Web Site). Japanese Only


☆Kaede-no Sono Light Up☆

Maple trees lit up at dusk are also beautiful.

Date: November 5
th (Sat), November 12th (Sat) and November 27th (Sun), 2022
Time: 17:30 ~ 19:30    *Only in fine weather.


☆GOGO Momiji Festa☆

It is an event where you can enjoy the “autumn of exercise”, the “autumn of art”, and the “autumn of appetite” (as we say in Japan).

Date: November 23rd (Wed / National Holiday), 2022
Time: 10:00 ~ 12:00 / 13:00 ~ 15:00
              *This event will be held even in rainy weather.
Place: Kagoshima Prefectural Youth Training Center
Fee: free
*Admission is free, but some hands-on activities are charged for materials.
Tel:099-294-2111 (Kagoshima Prefectural Youth Training Center)
Please cooperate with the following measures against COVID – 19 infections.
・Wearing a mask and measuring your temperature on the day
・Please refrain from participating if you are not feeling well.

Depending on the weather and the infection situation, the contents may be changed or canceled.


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◆◆◆ Jigenji Park (慈眼寺公園) ◆◆◆

◎Best time to see: The end of November ~ the Start of December


Jigenji Park located below Taniyama Shrine.
The Park has cherry blossoms and loopins in the spring, cosmos in the autumn, and somen-nashi in the summer.

A river flows through the large site, and you can see children playing in the water in the summer.

On the promenade, 19 stone Buddha statues are lined up. This place is the ruins of an ancient temple. The mossy bridge adds to the atmosphere of the place.

Parking:150 spaces (No charge)
Tel:099-268-2504 (Taniyama Tourism Association)

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Aira / Kirishima Area

Information on Autumn Foliage in Kirishima 2022Kirishima City HP / Japanese only


◆◆◆ Prefectural Road 1(Ebino ~ Myoken Onsen) ◆◆◆


◎Best time to see: The middle of November ~ The start of December

It is a very beautiful drive course with the sunlight leaking through the gaps between the autumnal trees.
Enjoy driving through the tunnel of autumn leaves!

 Event around the Prefectural Road 1


Kirishima Folk Entertainment Evening (Kirishima Kyodo-geino-no Yube / 郷土芸能の夕べ)

Date: November 18 (Fri)
Time: Open 19:30 Start 20:30 ~ (for about 1 hour)
Place: Kirishima International Concert Hall (Miyama Conseru / みやまコンセール)
(Takachiho Makizono Town, Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture)
Tel0995-78-2115 The Executive (Kirishima City Tourism Association)

The “Kirishima Folk Entertainment Evening”, which had been held online, will finally be held with an audience for the first time in 2 years!
Experience the myths of Kirishima through the traditional performing arts, “Kirishima Kagura” and “Kirishima Kumen Daiko”.
*This year there will be no online distribution.

On the day of the event, please cooperate with the following points to prevent COVID-19 infection.
Wear a mask correctly.
Measure your temperature
Give your name to the organizer

Date and the time are subject to change. 



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◆◆◆ Kirishima Jingu Shrine (霧島神宮) ◆◆◆

◎Best time to see: The middle of November ~ The start of December

(Photo: © K.P.V.B)

Kirishima Jingu, where Ninigi no Mikoto, the grandson of Sun Goddess, Amaterasu Omikami, is enshrined, is also a popular spiritual energy site. The brightly colored autumn leaves from the approach to the precincts are very beautiful, and it seems to correspond to the vermilion color of the magnificent shrine.

Parking Lot:500 spaces (No charge)



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◆◆◆ Lake Onami (Onami-no Ike / 大浪池) ◆◆◆

◎Best time to see: The middle of November ~ The start of December

(Photo: © K.P.V.B)

The mysterious Lake Onami, where the “Legend of Onami” in which a young girl named “Onami” disappeared to the bottom of the lake & changed into a dragon took place, is located at an altitude of 1,241 m.

It has an easy-to-walk (it has steps and is rough) track to the top of the mountain and is popular as a mountain that can be climbed relatively easily.

In addition to the autumn leaves on the mountain trail, the sight of colorful trees such as maples, beeches, and water oaks reflected on the surface of the lake is so beautiful.

*Currently, there are no restrictions on accessing the mountain of the Lake Onami.
*The area around Mt. Shinmoe is still subject to restrictions due to volcanic activity).
(Click here for the mountain trail regulation map of Mt. Kirishima)

Parking Lot: Available (No Charge)
Tel: 0995-78-2115 (Kirishima City Tourism Association)


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North Satsuma


◆◆◆ Kannon-daki Park (観音滝公園) ◆◆◆

◎Best time to see: The start of November ~ the end of December

(Photo: © K.P.V.B)

The Park with Kannon Waterfall, where there is a legend concerning a love story centered around the village headman’s daughter.

There are facilities such as a hot spring, a remarkable glamping facility, a restaurant, a glass crafts museum.

The beautiful scenery of the river and the vermilion-colored leaves from the Otogi bridge is popular.

Parking Lot: 200 spaces (No Charge)
Tel: 0996-58-0889 (9:00 ~ 17:00 / Taki-no Yado Onsen at the park)


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◆◆◆ Sogi-no Taki Park (曾木の滝公園) ◆◆◆

◎The middle of November ~ the Start of December

The combination of the brightly colored autumn leaves and the dynamic Sogi Falls called “Oriental Niagara” is spectacular.

Momiji Matsuri (Autumn Foliage Festival) won’t be held his year.
The maple trees will be lit up.

Parking Lot: 200 spaces (No Charge)
Tel: 0995-29-5013 (Isa City Tourism and Local Products Association)


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◆◆◆ Lake Imuta Prefectural National Park (藺牟田池県立自然公園) ◆◆◆

◎Best time to see: The middle of November ~ the start of December

Rare creatures such as Libellula Angelina and waterfowl live in this quiet lake which has a circumference of about 4 km.

Trees such as plums and cherry trees are planted on the shore of the lake.
In this season, the beautiful autumn leaf colors reflected on the surface of the lake are very tasteful.

There are also rental boats from March to October.

Feel the wind in your face as you cycle around the lake.

Address: Imuta, Kedoin Town, Satsuma-sendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Parking Lot: 260 spaces (No charge)
電話:0996-55-1111 (Kedoin Branch, Satsuma-sendai City Hall)
Official HP:


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◆◆◆ Kanmuri-dake Nature Park (冠嶽自然公園) ◆◆◆

◎Best time to see: The end of November ~ the start of December

(Photo: © K.P.V.B)

Kanmuri-dake is a mountain located in the northeastern part of Ichiki-kushikino City and is also popular for its mountain climbing and hiking courses.

The legend of Xu Fu, who came all the way to seek medicine for immortality at the behest of Qin Shi Huang, was started here.

The exotic atmosphere of Kanmuri-dake Garden, a Chinese-style garden nestled in the back of Kanmuri-dake Shrine, and the colorful autumn leaves have a unique charm.

Address: Kanmuri-dake, Ichiki-kushikino City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Parking Lot: 100 spaces (No charge)
Tel: 0996-32-5256 (Ichiki-kushikino City Tourist Information Center)


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South Satsuma


◆◆◆ Kiyomizu-iwaya Park (清水岩屋公園) ◆◆◆

◎Best time to see: The end of November ~ the Start of December

(Photo: © K.P.V.B)

This is a park with the cheers of children who are playing under the cherry blossoms in Spring and playing in the river in Summer.

In addition, it is a historic park with beautiful autumn colors against the backdrop of the Buddha figure carved on the stone wall.

About 400 maple trees are planted in the park.

There is a building on the premises that imitates Ginkakuji Temple, which was built using the technology of Kawanabe Buddhist altars.
Inside the building, you can enjoy delicious cappuccino and sweets brewed by “Cafe Sakura-no Yakata”.

Address: 3882 Kiyomizu, Kawanabe Town Minami-kyushu City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Parking Lot: 500 spaced (No charge)
Tel: 0993-56-5465 (Kiyomizu-iwaya Park)

Event at Kiyomizu-iwaya Park

Kawanabe Magaibutsu Festival

The Kawanabe Magaibutsu Festival is coming this year!


The Kiyomizu Iwaya Park, overlooking the rich history of the Buddha figure carved on a rock face, will be filled with tamaire (Beanbag toss ), some in costumes. There will also be a raffle, gourmet food and other events.
This year, the festival will be held jointly with the Agricultural Festival.


Date & TimeDecember 13 (Sun) 8:30 ~ 16:00
PlaceKiyomizu Iwaya Park
(3882 Kiyomizu, Kawanabe Town, Minami-kyushu City, Kagoshima Prefecture)
Kawanabe Branch of the Minami-kyushu City Chamber of Commerce and Industry



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Osumi Area


◆◆◆ Lake Osumi (大隅湖) ◆◆◆

◎Best time to see: The middle of November ~ the start of December

Lake Osumi, the largest dam in the Osumi area, is an artificial lake with a circumference of 10 km.

Visitors can enjoy a cherry blossom tunnel, hydrangeas and other seasonal flowers.

Autumn is a beautiful season for the coloured leaves on the lakeshore. The autumn leaves planted along the lakeshore are spectacular to see as they have grown and stretched their branches over the years.

The best place to visit is the lower (southern) part of the lake.

Address: 3779-1 Kami-takakuma Town, Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Parking Lot: Available (No charge)
Tel: 0994-45-2872 (Kagoshima Asia Pacific Intercultural Countryside Center / KAPIC)


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◆◆◆ Tarumizu 1000 Ginkgo Park (Tarumizu Senbon Icho-en / 垂水千本イチョウ園) ◆◆◆

◎Best time to see: The end of November ~ The start of December

The Tarumizu 1000 Ginkgo Park turn golden when the ginkgo trees are at their best.

The garden is open to the public on 4.5 ha of private land planted by the owner and his wife since 1978, and the shining landscape of 1,200 ginkgo trees was awarded the first Kagoshima Prefecture Landscape Grand Prize in 2011.

During the ginkgo season, Trees are lit up.

The Tarumizu City official website, “Tarumizu Biyori (垂水日和)” provides information on the coloring of ginkgo trees.

Address: Shinmido, Tarumizu City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Parking Lot: Available (No charge)

Parking Lot 1
At the Ginkgo Park: 33 spaces
(No charge / Available All year / Buses are not allowed)

Parking Lot 2
Site of a Former Prefectural Road: 25 spaces
Temporary parking lot

* Subject to change the available date due to weather conditions.
* Available from November 21 (Mon) to December 9 (Fri)  excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays.
*Buses are not allowed.

Parking Lot 3
1 km from Ginkgo Garden towards Tarumi city center; About 140 spaces
*Subject to change the available date due to weather conditions.
*Available only on shuttle bus service days
*This parking lot can be used only during the following period.
November 19 (Sat) ~ November 20 (Sun), November 23 (Wed)
November 25 (Fri) ~ November 27 (Sun)
December 2 (Fri) ~ December 4 (Sun)
December 10 (Sat) ~ December 11 (Sun)
*On the above schedule, the shuttle bus will operate approx. every 10 minutes from 9:00 to 17:00. (It takes about 3minutes)
(Temporary parking lot / Only available when shuttle buses are in operation).  
Tel: 0994-32-1111 (Tarumizu City Hall)

Event at 1000 Ginkgo Park


During the event, the ginkgo trees are lit up (18:00 – 21:00), providing a different and fantastic view from the daytime.

Visitors from outside Tarumizu City can enjoy discounts on bathing fees at designated hot spring facilities, and there is also a campaign to win local specialties by answering a questionnaire.

Date:November 19 (Sat) ~ December 4 (Sun)
Place:Tarumizu 1000 Ginkgo Park
(665 Shinmido, Tarumizu City, Kagoshima Prefecture)
Tel:0994-32-1111 Tarumizu City Tourist Association


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Southern Island


◆◆◆ Yakusugi Land (屋久杉ランド) ◆◆◆

◎Best time to see: The end of October ~ The middle of November

Yakusugi Land is a great place to experience autumn on Yakushima Island. It is located at an altitude of 1,000-1300 m, the natural recreation forest is covered with various types of trees.

Despite its high altitude, the forest is located in the south of the Kagoshima mainland and has many evergreen trees, but the yellow and red coloured forests mixed with the greenery also have a different atmosphere. The walking trails are well maintained, so autumn is also a great time to enjoy hiking through the tropical forests.

Address: Yakushima Town, Kumage County, Kagoshima Prefecture
Parking Lot: 50 spaces (No charge)
Free of charge, but admission to the Land is subject to a forest environment maintenance promotion cooperation fee of 500 yen.
It’s a good cause and well worth it.
Time: 9:00 ~ 16:30
(You can enter the park other than the time on the left,you need to enquire in advance.)
Tel: 0997-42-3508/Yakushima Recreation Forest Conservation and Management Council
* The Council is located in a different location from Yakusugi Land.


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