Cycling Around in Kagoshima City by “KAGORIN”

Kagoshima City Community Cycle “KAGORIN”

Trams, Kagoshima city sightseeing bus “Kagoshima City View” and regular sightseeing buses are convenient for looking around Kagoshima city.

But, if you want to look around more flexible, Kagoshima City Community Cycle “KAGORIN” is highly recommended.



Cycling in Kagoshima City

 There are 25 KAGORIN cycle ports in the city such as Kagoshima Chuo Station, around Tenmonkan, in front of the Saigo Statue, Dolphin Port, Kagoshima City Hall, Sakurajima Ferry Terminal, Kagoshima Station, and other places. It could be a nice idea to make a sightseeing plan along the Kagorin Cycling Course.

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How to Rent KAGORIN


There are 3 ways to rent a bicycle.

1. For people who have a Japanese mobile phone

2. For people who don’t have a Japanese mobile phone

3. Using a credit card


1.  How to Rent KAGORIN with Mobile Phone


First, here is the way to rent KAGORIN as a 1day KAGORIN (24 hours) member for people who have a mobile phone.

You can borrow the bicycle through a terminal at any KAGORIN Cycle Port.

(1)   Press the “Rental” button.

(2)   Accept the user policy.

(3)   Input your mobile number.

(4)   Input your full name.

(5)   A password will be delivered to your mobile phone (NTT Docomo, au, SoftBank, Y!mobile) by short mail.

(6)   Enter the password in the cycle port terminal. (The password changes every single time.)

(7)   Select the period of use. (If you are a tourist, select “1day (24hours)”.

(8)    Pay the registration fee (200yen). You can choose cash (only 100yen coin is accepted), credit card or electronic money (nanaco, waon).

(9)   Now, you are registered, and you will find the number of the bicycle on the monitor, and if you press the “Use” button, the lock will be released.

(10)  A user card will be issued. Please take it with you.

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2.   How to Rent KAGORIN If You Don’t Have A Mobile Phone


Here is the way to register for those who don’t have a Japanese mobile phone (NTT Docomo, SoftBak, au, Y!mobile).

To register, you need to visit the KAGORIN Support Center.


Where to Register


JTB Kyushu Kagoshima Branch near the Takamibaba Tram Stop
(11-25 Nishisengoku-cho, Kagoshima city)
Tel: 099-226-1515
Open: 9:30 ~ 17:30
Closed: Saturdays & Sundays


JTB Kagoshima Branch near Yamakataya
(6-13 Nakamachi, Kagoshima city)
Tel: 099-225-5489
Open: 10:30 ~ 18:30
Closed: Thursdays


What You Need


Your ID such as passport or driving licence.




1.    Fill out an application form at the KAGORIN Support Center.

2.    IC Card for KAGORIN is issued. (You need to pay 500 yen deposit.)

3.  Paying by Credit Card – Simple, but costs more –

Or, you can simply use your credit card (JCB, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club) at one of the KAGORIN Terminal.


The Fee Paying by Credit Card

The fee is different from above.

It costs 200 yen for the first 30 minutes, and also it costs 200 yen every 30 minutes whether or not you put the bicycle back to the terminal.

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KAGORIN Cycle Port Map

①    Kagoshima Chuo Station East Entrance

②    In Front of Aeon (Kyanse Building)

③    Takamibashi

④    Tourism Exchange Centre

⑤    Takamibaba

⑥    In Front of Koto Junior High School

⑦     Xavier Park

⑧    Tenmonkan Park

⑨     Chuo Park (Ten Park)

⑩     In Front of the Statue of Saigo Takamori

⑪     Izuro

⑫     Perth-dori (Daimonguchi)

⑬     Family Mart Sumiyoshi-cho

⑭     Dolphin Port

⑮     Kagoshima City Hall

⑯     Kagoshima Prefectural Citizens’ Exchange Center

⑰     Sakurajima Ferry Kagoshima Port

⑱     Kagoshima Station

⑲     Kagoshima City Hospital

⑳     Sun-yell Kagoshima

㉑     Kagoshima Museum of the Environment

㉒     Kagoshima University Korimoto Campus

㉓     Kagoshima University Shimo-arata Campus

㉔     Sego-don Taiga Drama-kan

㉕     Yonemori Hospital

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The Rental Fee for KAGORIN


The fee required to rent KAGORIN is registration fee + rental fee.

The registration fee is 200 yen/day for 1day (24hours) members, and 1,000 yen for 1month (31day) members.

The rental fee is the same for both members. It is free within 30 minutes, and if you use the bikes for over 30 minutes, it costs 100 yen every 30 minutes.

If you give the bicycle back within 30 minutes to any KAGORIN Cycle Port, no rental fee would be charged.

 (Kagorin Official Page (English):

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How to Return KAGORIN

1. Go to the KAGORIN station where you want to return the bicycle.

2. Put the bicycle’s front wheel in the parking rack. Make sure you put the bicycle far enough to click.

*Renting less than 30 minutes → The fee is free, so returning bicycle is finished.
*Renting more than 30 minutes → You need to pay. You can use 100 yen coin only. You also can pay by credit card or IC card.

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Now, you can cycle through Kagoshima city!

You can go to Tenmonkan, The statue of Takamori Saigo, Kagoshima City Aquarium, leaving the bicycle at the Sakurajima Ferry Kagoshima Port and taking a ferry to Sakurajima……, the places which would take time on foot, but are much easier by bicycle.

For nice and safe riding, please keep good manners. Road Traffic Law has changed in 2015 and bicycles are also bound by regulations.

1.    In principle, bicycles need to be on the roadway on the left side.

2.    However, you can pedal on the pavement where the sign below is displayed.

Pedestrians have the right of way on the pavement, so ride on the roadway side and be aware of pedestrians.

(Occasionally, there are bicycle lanes.)

3.    Two people riding on a bicycle at the same time is banned.

4.    Pedaling side by side is banned.

5.    Using umbrellas, mobile phones, earphones or headphones are also banned.

6.    Children under 12-years need to wear helmets.

KAGORIN is available 24 hours all year.

Please enjoy riding in Kagoshima city!

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KAGORIN Official Site in Various Languages


KAGORIN Tel Number: → 0120-992-599

 (Japanese) →

(English) →

(한글어) →

(中国語 簡体) →

(中国語 繋体) →


(Italiano) →

(Deuatsch) →

(Español) →

(Português) →

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