Sengan-en’s Traditional New Year
~The New Year at The Shimazu Daimyo Garden
(Garden of a Feudal Lord) ~

Sengan-en (仙巌園) , also known as Iso-teien (磯庭園), is a Japanese style landscape garden incorporating the view of Sakura-jima and Kinko bay as borrowed scenery, attached to a former Shimazu clan residence in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Enjoy a traditional New Year at the garden. Some New Year events will also be held.


The Tall Kadomatsu
(The New Year’s Pine Decoration) Exhibition /大門松の展示)

The Sengan-en’s traditional New Year’s pine decorations are 3 meters high.
Greet the New Year with the gorgeous decorations.
Date: December 20 (Tue) ~ January 7 (Sat)
Place: In front of the Sengan-en Reception

Tree Peonies Exhibition /冬牡丹の展示


The garden is colored by beautiful tree peonies in this season.
The flowers are covered by straws and protected from the snow and the cold weather.
Date: December 30 (Fri) ~ January 7 (Sat)
Place: The grass area of Shofu-ken Restaurant (松風軒レストラン) and the Ouka-tei (桜華亭)

Mochi-tsuki (Pounding Boiled Rice into Mochi)
And Giving Mochis / 新春餅つき大会・ふるまい


The New Year’s traditional food, mochi (rice cakes) will be pounded at Sengan-en on the New Year’s Day. Rice cakes, zenzai (sweet red bean soup) and shochu will be offered free.
*The numbers of these things which will be offered are limited.
Date & Time: January 1 (Sun) ~ 2 (Mon) 11:30 ~ / 14:30 ~
                       January 3 (Wed) 11:30 ~
Place: At the grass area at the back of the reception

Come in Kimono And The Entrance Free Free!!
/ 着物で入園無料

It is the special service for the New Year. If you come in kimono from January 1 to 3, you can enter the garden free! (If you are not wearing kimono, the entrance fee is 1,000yen / adult).

It would be nice to walk around in the historical garden dressed in Japanese traditional clothing on the New Year Day.
Date: January 1 (Sun) ~ 3 (Tue)

Enjoy the New Year with Instagram /

Take photos in Sengan-en and upload them on Instagram during the New Year event period. You might win a Satsuma-kiriko key ring!

When you upload photos, please put the hashtag, “#仙巌園のお正月”.

For details, click here.
Date: December 30 (Fri) ~ January 7 (Sat)


Address: 9700-1 Yoshino-cho, Kagoshima city
Open: 8:30 ~ 17:30 (Open through the year)
Entrance fee: Adults (High School Students & above) 1,000 yen

Junior High School Students & Elementary School Students 500 yen

Parking: 500 spaces (300 yen / day)

Tel: 099-247-1551

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