Sengan-en Chrysanthemum Festival 2016
- Gorgeous Chrysanthemums, Events and Lunch -

Sengan-en, Kagoshima’s famous garden will hold a chrysanthemum festival this year, too! It is scheduled from November 1st (Tue) to November 23rd (Wed / national holiday).


This Year’s Theme Is
“Heading Towards The 150th Anniversary of The Meiji Restoration

– The Restoration Was Started by Nariakira -“


The 150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration will be in 2 years. Nariakira Shimazu, the lord of Satsuma domain, who established a Western-style industrial complex project, used to live in Tsurumaru Castle (where the Reimei-kan is now). The two storied gate of the castle, which was burned down in the Meiji period, is reproduced and decorated with chrysanthemums as a symbol exhibition of the festival.

 Map to Sengan-en and the information 

The Art of Chrysanthemum

15,000 chrysanthemums will color the whole garden during the period. There are some photo spots such as a three story tower and a sedan-chair decorated with chrysanthemums. You can enjoy the beautiful autumn day at the site, admiring flowers.


Traditional Events Liven Up the Chrysanthemum Festival

Some attractive traditional events will be held as well!

Matchlock Gun Demonstration Performances
(Satsuma-Hioki Teppo-tai-no Enbu / 薩摩日置鉄炮隊の演武)

Date & Time: November 13 (Sun)  11:00 / 14:00 
PlaceTsurugane Shrine (鶴嶺神社), next to Sengan-en 

The matchlock gun demonstration group was established last year in Hiokii, which is associated with the Shimazu clan. The roar of gun shots and gun fire reminds you of the battles of The Warring States period.
*In case of bad weather, this event will be canceled. 


Nodago Shimazu Japanese Drum Performances
(Nodago Shimazu Daiko / 野田郷島津太鼓) 

Date & Time: November 20 (Sun) 10:30 ~ / 13:00 ~ / 14:30 ~
PlaceSpecial Stage at The Palace Garden

Nodago Shimazu Japanese Drum Performances are held on the last Sunday of the festival period. Performers play drums in front of the view of Sakurajima. Enjoy the dramatic sound of Japanese drums!
Before the stage performances, performers walk around the garden playing drums.
*In case of bad weather, this event will be canceled. 


Japanese Archery Ritual (Kusajishi-shiki / 草鹿式)

Date & Time: November 27 (Sun) 12:00 ~ 13:30
PlaceSpecial Stage at The Palace Garden

Japanese Archery Ritual (Kusajishi-shiki) which is held the next Sunday after the Chrysanthemum Festival is over is highly recommended.
Kusajishi-shiki is the ancient ritual of Japanese archery based on the Ogasawara-ryu style. People in Japanese traditional clothes show you archery martial art.
*In case of bad weather, this event will be canceled.


Beautiful Flowers and Great Lunch!
Popular Special Lunch Tours Are Available During the Festival Period

The popular special lunch tours, “Enjoy Chrysanthemum Festival Lunch Tour” and “Jimyo-in Lunch Tour”, which are held this year, too.

*Booking is required for either of them.

Enjoy Chrysanthemum Lunch Tour
 (Kiku-matsuri Mankitsu Lunch Tour /

Date & Time: November 1 (Tue) / November 6 (Sun) / November 12 (Sat) 10:30 ~ 12:30
Fee:3,000 yen (Entrance fee and lunch included)

*The Image is for illustration purposes. 

This plan is variable with a guided tour and a special lunch.
You can learn about the chrysanthemum history and take a workshop, and walk around in the garden looking at beautiful flowers while listening to the stories about looking after the flowers, enjoying good view points and many other things.
The restaurant has a gorgeous view of Sakurajima. Enjoy the tasty special lunch with the view.


Jimyo Festival Lunch Tour
(Jimyo-sai Lunch Tour /
*For Ladies Only

Date & Time: November 5 (Sat) 10:00 ~ 12:30
Fee: 3,500yen (Entrance fee and lunch included)

Tsurugane Shrine (鶴嶺神社), the shrine next to Sengan-en is the shrine where the family leaders of Shimazu and the families are enshrined. Jimyo-in was the 3rd daughter of Yoshihisa Shimazu, the 16th head. She was a very good-natured lady, so people respected her as an ideal lady. In Kagoshima, she is called “Jime-saa” and still loved by people.
November 5th is a month later of an anniversary of her death.
In the lunch tour, you can participate in the Shinto Ritual for Jumyo-in, and a history lecture related to Jimyo-in. You can also have experiences of anti-aging and Japanese old style rouge.
The special lunch which is called “Bijin Gozen (Beautiful Woman Meal)” is full of seasonal ingredients and healthy.


*You can also enjoy the November special lunch “Kikka-zen (Chrysanthemum Lunch / 菊花膳)” without joining tours .Only 15 servings / day. (1,860 yen, tax included)
Place: Ohka-tei (桜華亭) in Sengan-en

Sengan-en, the site of the festival was registered as a cultural site of world heritage.


Address: 9700-1 Yoshino-cho, Kagoshima city

Open: 8:30  ~ 17:30 (Open throughout the year)
Entrance fee: High School Students & above 1,000 yen / Elementary School & Junior High School Students  500yen

Parking500 spaces,  300yen / day



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