Notification Card (My Number ID) And Individual Number Card (My Number Card)

Notification Cards (My Number ID) have been posted.
Have you received it yet?

Beginning in January 2016, you will be able to apply to your municipality to receive an Individual Card (My Number Card).

Please read about getting Individual Number Cards (My Number Card) below and decide if you want to apply for your Individual Number Card (My Number Card) or not.

*Details for My Number System, click the link below:

1. Getting Individual Number Card Is Your Free Decision

You don’t need to carry your Individual Number when you go out.

2. The Difference between Notification Card and Individual Card

Notification Card
(My Number ID)

Individual Number Card
(My Number Card)



Plastic IC Card

Contents (Surface)

Indicvidual number, Name, Address, Birthday, Sex

Face photograph,
Name, Address, Birthday, Sex

Contents (Back)

Individual Number

How to prove your Identification Number
(ex. application procedure)

Notification card & Identification card such as driving license or Residence Card

Individual Card Only

How to obtain

Posted as recorded mail

Applying yourself
(Not mandatory)

What You Can Do with The Card

Proving your individual number
(You also need to show your Identification Card)

Online application for administrative procedures, Identification, certificate acquisition and other things
(See below)

Like Basic Resident Registration Cards, Individual Number Cards (My Number Card) will contain an IC chip. They will have the bearer’s name, address, date of birth, and sex, as well as an ID photograph on the front, and the Individual Number on the back.

You may use your card as a form of personal ID to confirm your identity. You may also use it to receive services established in the ordinances of local governments, such as receipt of a library card or seal registration certificate. Your card will also contain an electronic certificate that can be used for electronic filing for the online national tax return filing and tax payment system (e-Tax).

On the other hand, the notification card will be a paper card. It will note the person’s name, address, date of birth, and sex, and Individual Number, but will not have an ID photograph.
Please note that because the notification card cannot in itself be used to confirm your identity, you will need to present a document that is stipulated in the responsible ministry ordinance (among planned acceptable documents are a driver’s license) together with the card.

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