My Number System

The Social Security And Tax Number System for Japanese People And Foreigners Who Have Legally Resided in Japan for More Than 3 Months

Reprint from the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

What is the My Number (Social Security AND Tax Number / Individual Number) System?

The Japanese government adopted the Social Security and Tax Number System in order to:

(1) Enhance the social security to people who truly need it

(2) Enhance public convenience

(3) develop the efficiency in administration

“My number” is Under the Social Security and Tax Number System, mayors issue a single Individual Number to each and every person holding a resident record who resides in their municipalities.
In principle, once an Individual Number has been issued, it does not change for the duration of the recipient’s life.  

Central government organizations and local governments will use the Individual Numbers to efficiently manage information by tying them to personal information they have on individuals in the areas of social security administration, taxation, and disaster response. Additionally, they will be able to use the Individual Numbers to quickly and precisely exchange personal information on particular individuals with other organizations (i.e., engage in information sharing).

It should be noted that strict identification mechanisms will be employed to prevent imposters from using other’s Individual Numbers, and measures to protect personal information will be in place for information management and sharing among organizations that possess Individual Numbers.

Does the Social Security and Tax Number System apply to foreigners? 

The Social Security and Tax Number System applies to Japanese people and to foreigners who have legally resided in Japan for more than three months and have an address in Japan.



Your municipality will send to you a “notification card” noting your Individual Number in or after October 2015. You may use this card to check your number.
Additionally, beginning in January 2016, you will be able to apply to your municipality to receive an “Individual Number Card.” This card will also bear your Individual Number.
Furthermore, you may request to have your Individual Number printed on any copies of your resident record or certificates of entry in the resident record that you receive.

As for its use, the number will be required on documents that you submit to administrative organs in the areas of social security administration, taxation, and disaster response beginning in January 2016. Taking the filing of income tax returns as an example, you will need to provide your Individual Number beginning with your 2016 tax return, which you will file in February or March of 2017.


You must not provide your Individual Number to others irresponsibly. You should only provide it to administrative organs and others that handle procedures in the areas of social security administration, taxation, and disaster response.
Specific examples of organizations to which you may provide your number for the purposes of such procedures are tax offices, your local government, your place of employment, financial institutions, pension organizations and medical insurers, and Hello Work offices.


Please see the address below for more information (English):

(Cabinet Secretariat HP)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Publicity material for the Social Security and Tax Number System (detailed version)
Application for issuance of the Individual Number Card


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