PDF download July , 2016 No.279

Amazing! Kagoshima Fish Market Tour
Kagoshima Summer Pleasure Ferry Cruise 2016

PDF download October , 2015 No.278

kagoshima katabbar 2015
Enjoy Driving around Nansatsu Area! PartⅡ

PDF download April , 2015 No.277

Walk Across The Sea to Chiringa-shima
Kagoshima Culture Craft Village
Napoli Festival in Kagoshima

PDF download November , 2014 No.276

kagoshima katabbar @ Dolphin Port
Special Winter Solstice
Enjoy Afternoon Tea in Chiran - Satsuma-Eikoku-kan (薩摩英国館) -
24 Divisions of The Solar Years
Christmas Illuminations

PDF download August , 2014 No.275

ROKUGATSUDO (六月灯) ~ Festival Peculiar to Kagoshima ~
TANABATA ~ A Story of Tragic Love ~
HEARTY PARTY - Welcome to Kagoshima! -
Great Purification of Summer
24 Divisions of The Solar Years

PDF download May , 2014 No.274

Kagoshima’s Artistic Talents on Display ~ KAGOSHIMA DESIGN FAIR 2014 ~
Park & Ride in Kagoshima
Open Workshop (だれでも工房) @ Kagoshima Municipal Science Hall

PDF download January , 2014 No.273

Real Relaxing Space ~ Atelier Nen (アトリエ無) ~
NITTA SHRINE (新田神社) – Was Once The Highest Ranking Shrine in Satsuma -
The KIC Christmas Party Was Held This Year, Too!

PDF download October , 2013 No.272

Awesome Way to Travel ~ Princess Cruise ~
Farming in Japan!! WWOOFers Attended A Party!
Harvest Moon Viewing
The New Takeoka Tunnel Has Opened!

PDF download July , 2013 No.271

[Renewed Version Vol.1]
ROKUGATSUDO (六月灯) ~Festival Peculiar to Kagoshima~
“Kagoshima, Where You Want to Go Sometime” Make “Kagoshima Where You Want to Go Now”!
Kanmuri-dake (冠嶽) ~A Place of The Legend of Jofuku~
Enjoy Driving around Nansatsu Area! PartⅠ

PDF download March , 2013 No.270

Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots
Spring Is Tasty! - Edible Wild Plants -

PDF download February , 2013 No.

The Girls' Festival
~ A Seasonal Festival of Peach Blossom
Girls' Festival Events in Kagoshima and Kyushu

PDF download January , 2013 No.

Happy New Year 2013!
Power Spot Shrines Part2

PDF download December , 2012 No.267

Power Spot Shrines Part1
Christmas :Illuminations

PDF download November , 2012 No.266

Sakurajima Special

PDF download October , 2012 No.265

Enjoy Walking More Mountains in Kirishima!

Autumn Festivals

PDF download September , 2012 No.264

CHIRAN - Walk in the Samurai Village in the Early Autumn Air

PDF download August , 2012 No.263

Summer! Kinko Bay Cruising!!

PDF download July , 2012 No.262

Rokugatsu-do ~Lantern Festivals Held Only in Kagoshima~
Summer! Fireworks!! Hot Festivals!!!
Kagoshima City Märchen Fairy Tale Museum
Kagoshima Italian Part 1

PDF download June , 2012 No.261

Meiji Restoration
~Learn about Kagoshima and Local Ancestors Who helped build Modern Japan~

PDF download May , 2012 No.260

Walk Through The Sea to Chirin-ga Jima
New Landmarks in the City
Kagoshima Italian Society Established!
Annular Eclipse on the 21st of May!

PDF download April , 2012 No.259

Spring is in full bloom!
Spring Festivals in Kagoshima

PDF download March , 2012 No.258

Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots
More Events for Joyful Spring!
Changes to the Basic Resident Registration Law

PDF download February , 2012 No.257

Where The City's Rubbish Ends Up

PDF download January , 2012 No.256

A Happy New Year, 2012
Event Information for Foreign Residents

PDF download December , 2011 No.255

Christmas Illumination & Events
Kagoshima City View - Night View Course

PDF download November , 2011 No.254

Seven flowers of Autumn (Aki-no Nanakusa)
Maple Viewing + α

PDF download October , 2011 No.253

Autumn Festival Special

PDF download September , 2011 No.252

Kirishima Special
(Onsen, Walking, Sightseeing)

PDF download August , 2011 No.251

Camp Sites for Summer

PDF download July , 2011 No.250

Summer! The Ocean! Yorimichi Cruise!
Summer Festivals and Fireworks Display
Spend A Great Night with Your Friends in The City Center!

PDF download June , 2011 No.249

Preparatory Measures for Dealing with Disasters
Public Facilities for Rainy Days


Tomiya Shokudo Museum

Tomiya Shokudo Museum

Tomiya Shokudo was restaurant where Tome Tor...

Sakurajima Umizuri Koen (Sakurajima Sea Fishing Park / 桜島海づり公園)

Sakurajima Umizuri Koen (Sakurajima S...

This park is located next to Sakurajima port...

Mt. Kaimon

Mt. Kaimon

Kaimon is called "Mt. Satsuma Fuji (Satsuma ...

Ruin of Sogi Power Plant

Ruin of Sogi Power Plant

The ruin of Sogi power plant is located unde...



Okinoerabu which is called the "Island of Fl...

Fukiage-hama Kaihin Koen (吹上浜海浜公園)

Fukiage-hama Kaihin Koen (吹上浜海浜...

Fukiagehama is long sand dune which stretch ...

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The Tram Night: Farewell to “Heisei” And Welcome” Reiwa”

The Tram Night: Farewell to...

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The Job Fair in Kagoshima f...

start : Mar. 25, 2019

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