Ogionsaa Mikoshi (Portable Shrine) Bearers Wanted

Come and join us carrying the mikoshi (portable shrine) for the big festival in Kagoshima!


Ogionsaa festival is an annual energetic event, which has a history stretching back to the Edo era. It is held to invoke protection from plague and to promote thriving business.

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*The participants wear happi (Japanese traditional coat for festivals), shorts, mame-shibori (Japanese cotton bandanna) and tabi (Japanese sox). The Festival Executive will lend you the costumes.

The parade by the people dressed in Heian era costume is fantastic. The Japanese orchestra of Gion Festival evokes the atmosphere. The mikoshi parades follow them./p>

This is a great chance to bear mikoshi among a festival of local people!
Please enjoy bearing mikoshi, and experience what it’s like to participate in the ogionsaa festival!


[About mikoshi]

Mikoshi (portable shrine) is a vehicle to transport a deity during the festival. People bounce mikoshi up and down for sustaining the power of the god during the festival. And the power purifies the areas the shrine passes through, removing misfortune and impurities.


The participants wear happi (Japanese traditional coat for festivals), shorts, mame-shibori (Japanese cotton bandanna) and tabi (Japanese sox). The Festival Executive will lend you the costumes.

You need to bring a T-shirt to wear under the happi coat. You also need some spare clothes, because you will sweat a lot carrying the mikoshi.

Mikoshi is very heavy and it is hard to carry, but it is a great experience chanting with the other people, and carrying such an important thing for the festival.


Don’t miss this great opportunity!


Date & Tme: July 23 (Sun)   11:00 ~ 15:00
Place:  Tenmonkan Street
How to apply: Apply through the URL below.

*The executive will give you the information about the time and the meeting place and the date for practice, after you apply.
Tel: Kagoshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry   099-225-9522
E-mail: kaiinka@gamma.ocn.ne.jp

URL: http://www.kagoshima-cci.or.jp/



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