Risshun (立春)

立春 (Risshun)
February 4th (Thu)


Risshun (立春) is the 1st of 24 solar terms (節気) in the traditional East Asian calendars.


Risshun” is also the period from this day to “Usui (雨水)”, the 2nd of 24 solar terms (節氣) in the traditional East Asian calendars.

It is also the start of spring in the lunar calendar.


People used to think that this day is the start of the life of the year.


Japanese people still use the words “The 88th Day” which is the day to start picking tea leaves and “The 210th Day” which is the day people say typhoons tend to come, and these days are decided by the “Risshun” day as a reference point.

It is the middle day between the winter solstice and the vernal spring equinox day,and it is still cold. Often, you can feel spring from around this period.


The ice and snow start to melt and the plum flowers start to bloom.

The first strong southern wind after this day is called “Haru-ichiban / 春一番 (The first spring gale)”.

Zen temples put a paper, on which is written “Risshun Daikichi / 立春大吉 (Great Luck on Beginning of Spring)” on the front gate on this morning for greater purification.

Some people put the paper on their house entrances.


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