Prepare for Disasters
~Disaster Preparedness, Shelters, Shelter Map, Hazard Map~

Due to climate change, the number of disasters called “unprecedented disasters” has increased.
Please check the disaster preparedness, shelter map and hazard map of your area.



Disaster Preparedness (Links)


Some useful information for preparing for disasters.

Preparing for Sudden Disasters (Kagoshima City Site)


Natural Disasters (Kagoshima JET Program Site)


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Evacuation Information and Action to Take


Evacuation Information (Level1 ~ Level5) has been renewed.
The picture below shows the alert Level and what to do.

Most important point: “Finish evacuation at Alert Level 4”.
“Alert Level 5” means the “Condition Causing Danger to Life”. When this alert is issued, it is impossible to evacuate safely.

Elderly people and people with disabilities who may take time to evacuate should evacuate when “Alert Level 3” is announced.


You can see the disaster situation from the link (Japan Metrological Agency Site) below.
*Please refer the explanation at the bottom of this article.

Kikikuru (キキクル) by Japan Meteorological Agency

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Where to Evacuate


Do you know where to evacuate to if a disaster occurs?
It is important to think about a suitable evacuation site.

1.Municipal Designated Shelters (Map)


Each local government has designated public halls, welfare halls, elementary and junior high schools, etc. as evacuation shelters.

When evacuating, bring the following items to prevent virus infection.

・Disinfectant Solution
・Clinical Thermometer

Shelters often have hard floors. It is a good idea to prepare something to lay on the floor, such as a sleeping mat or a yoga mat, and a sleeping bag, too.

In addition, shelters may not have food, and in the event of a major disaster, it may take some time for relief supplies to arrive. Prepare an evacuation bag such as a rucksack so that you can take PET bottled water and emergency food immediately.


Evacuation Shelter Map (Google Map)


2.Safe Relative’s / Acquaintance’s House


If your house or workplace is in an area where there is a possibility of landslides or flooding, please ask relatives or friends who live in a safe place to let you evacuate to their house before it is impossible to leave your house.

Check the list of the maps (4. At Home) to see if the evacuation destination is safe.


3.Safe Hotel


If you are unable to sleep in a big hall with many people, a safe hotel or other accommodation would be a good place to evacuate to.

*Accommodation fees are required.
*Check if there are vacancies and make a reservation before heading to the hotel.


4.At Home


If all of the following three conditions are met, you could stay home while ensuring your safety.


[Condition1] Your house is outside the expected potential house collapse and flood zone.


Please check the area you live in from the link at the bottom part of this article.


[Condition2] You can stay in a place which is higher than the predicted inundation depth.

[条件3] [Condition 3] You can wait for the water to drain and have enough food, water and medicine.


Please assume that you might not be able to go anywhere in the event of a disaster. You cannot get food and water. If the electricity, gas and water stop, it’s not only impossible to have tea or shower, but you cannot flush the toilet water either.

*Even if all three conditions above are applied, please evacuate if you live in a potential landslide disaster area.
*If you need to sleep in a car, please park in a safe area.
We recommend parking where water and a toilet are available.

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Hazard Map


Before a disaster occurs, check the hazard map and if there is any danger in your area and where to evacuate to if necessary.

Overlapping Hazard Maps (重ねるハザードマップ)
on the Hazard Map Portal Site


You can enter the place name or address you want to look up in the search window or select the area you want to see from the map (anywhere in Japan).

By clicking the icons of floods, Debris Flow, Storm Surge, Tsunami, Road Disaster Prevention Information, or Topography classification, you can overlay each map.

If you click the shelter icon on the right with the disaster icon on the upper left selected, nearby shelters will be displayed.

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Useful Site for Collecting Information in The Event of a Disaster

キキクル (気象庁)

You can get disaster prevention information, weather information, typhoon information, designated river flood forecasts, tsunami information, earthquake information, eruption warnings, etc. all over Japan.

See below for each legend.

Map Top

Other Legends

Because of climate change, disasters called “unprecedented” are occurring more frequently. Prepared ahead of time so that you don’t panic in an emergency.

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Anshin Network 119 (あんしんネットワーク119)
Operated by Kagoshima City


You can receive disaster information by e-mail.
* Scan the QR code below to open the e-mail software, and please send a blank mail.

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