Amazing! Kagoshima Fish Market Tour

Tsukiji Market in Tokyo which is well known as one of the world’s largest fish markets is very popular among foreign tourists.

Fish Market Tour in Kagoshima

Kagoshima Fish Market is not as big as Tsukiji, but you can enjoy the tour here, too.
Kagoshima Fish Market Tour is run by a group of local hotels and ryokan in Kagoshima city.

Kagoshima Fish Market allows individual visitors as well, but if you want to know more deeply about the fish market, The Kagoshima Fish Market Tour is highly recommended. The tour guide, Mr.Miyauchi explains about fish, where those fish come from, how people catch different varieties and many more things.

Furthermore, this tour includes a tuna filleting show and tasting. You can get an original “passport” as well.

Here is the report on the Fish Market Tour.

Highly Recommended! Kagoshima Fish Market Tour

Kagoshima Fish Market Tour is held on Saturdays from March to November.

The tour’s meeting time is 6:45 in the morning in front of the main gate of Kagoshima Fish Market. Members of Kagoshima Hotel-Ryokan Association Youth Department were going to show us around the market. They wear orange happi coats and have a blue triangular shaped flag.

◆ Water God And The Arcade

We rented rubber boots which are included in the fee and the tour started. At first, we were led to a narrow space on the left hand side. We saw two stone statues there. They were water gods, dedicated in thank to the beautiful catch given up by the ocean.

We walked through an arcade with various marine product shops.

 We strolled and stopped looking at so many kinds of fish.

◆ Real Pleasure of The Tour with A Guide

The attraction of the fish market is the richness of types of marine products. You can see fish which you wouldn’t see in supermarkets.

Also, there are things you don’t know even about familiar fish.

The picture on the left is bonitos.

“The horizontal lines running along their body get clear after death”
Says Mr.Miyauchi,

He also explained what broken necked mackerels are, why people break their necks, how best to eat hammerhead sharks and other interesting things.

There are so many things which you wouldn’t know if you just walked through the market. With the guide, you will know about not only what you see but many more detailed things about marine products, ways of fishing and more!

◆ Auctions; Highlight of Fish Market

You can’t miss the auctions at the fish market.
There are announcements telling buyers about the start the auction for fish, octopus, shell fish, and more.

The sound of auction bell signals the auction start.

On that day, we saw an auction for kibinago (bleu sprat) which is one of Kagoshima’s special marine products.

The lively auction is worth seeing.
After an auction, the bid winner puts a piece of marking paper on the fish.

 ◆ Fish Landing And Auction

At Kagoshima Fish Market you can see both fish landing and auctions.

Those boats are from all over Japan.

We saw two young trainees practicing pole‐and‐line fishing, which is the traditional method of bonito fishing.

At the end of the fishing line, there was an artificial bonito, and they were practicing the timing, angle, place to put the bonito down etc… with it.

The guide, Mr. Miyauchi (red cap in picture) told us about the people who work on the fishing boats, how to fish and any other things.

He was explaining to a couple from Singapore in fluent English.

Ms. Nishino, a member of the tour staff is also good at English, so this tour is popular among people from foreign countries, too.


◆ The Wholesale Market

The tour went to the wholesale market next.

There were many kinds of marine products there.

Some forklifts are moving boxes of marine products all the time.

It is very much a wholesale site. We can look around right there and experience the fish market. It is really worth making the effort to get up early.

You can also see the people who sell on mobile fish selling vehicles preparing their vans..

◆ Tasting Time

The meeting time was early, so the fish in the boxes looked very tasty.
It was the time for tasting

On this day, we ate Satsuma-age (fried fish balls) which is one of Kagoshima’s special products.
The long ones were sweet and the round shaped ones were spicy. Both tasted good.

After eating, we walked along looking at more colorful fish, and bought a backbone section of fish flesh called “nakaochi” (tuna) at a bargain price. Then, we were attracted by a beautiful swordfish.

After that, a tuna filleting show, which is the special event only for this tour started.

The big tuna was filleted quickly with amazing skill

Soon, fresh tuna sashimi was served.

I had never had such tasty tuna sashimi before

Eating very fresh sashimi filleted in front of you at a fish market…isn’t it enticing?

After enjoying the sashimi, the tour was over
And, here is the commemorative photograph from that day.

◆ About The Tour

Kagoshima Fish Market Tour is held on Saturdays, which is a day that the number of catches is relatively large and which is easier to participate in for people who are working on weekdays.

There is also an option for you to eat at the market restaurants.

Details for Kagoshima Fish Market Tour

【Kagoshima Fish Market Tour 2016】

Period: March ~ November, 2016
Date: Every Saturday morning
Place: Kagoshima Fish Market, near Kagoshima port.
Tour Time: 7:00 a.m. ~ 8:00 a.m. (About 1 hour)
Meeting Time: 6:45 a.m.
Meeting Place: Entrance of Kagoshima Fish Market
Tour cost: Adults 1500 yen / Children 800 yen
(Including tour guide, insurance, sashimi tasting, rubber boots)
If you stay at a member’s hotel :  Adults 1000 yen / Children 600 yen
Capacity: 2 ~ 15 people
Option: Breakfast at fish market restaurant (1000 yen ~) 

<Hotel Member’s List>

Aqua Garden Hotel FUKUMARU 099-226-3211
Sakurajima Sea Side Hotel 099-221-2121
Green Guest House  099-802-4301
Hotel Kamoike Plaza 099-251-7000
HOTEL NEW NISHIHO 099-224-3232

Through Facebook: <How to Apply>

Send a message with the following information.
○ Your name / Nationality
○ Your email address
○ Requested tour date
○ Number of people (Adults / Children)
○ Hotel you’ll stay at on the tour day

Facebook Page: Kagoshima Fish Market Tour Facebook Page

HP: Kagoshima Fish Market Tour


Note: It is not necessary to be a hotel guest to attend the tour.

We are sure you’ll enjoy the tour! Give it a try!!

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