(!!Causion!!) Due to The Kagoshima Marathon, Many Traffic Restrictions Are in Place on The 6th of March 2016

The 1st Kagoshima Marathon will be held on the 6th of March!

Traffic is likely to be very heavy on the day, so please use public transport, if possible.

Due to the marathon, traffic restrictions are imposed in the areas / roads below.

(Please see the map below.)
・ From Dolphin Port through the road along the seaside to Kagoshima Kamoike Athletics Field (Kenritsu Kamoike Rikujo Kyogijo)

・From Kagoshima Kamoike Athletics Field to the tram line from Kishaba to Asahi-dori

・From Asahi-dori, turning left towards the Statue of Saigo Takamori.

・Turning right at the Statue of Saigo Takamori onto Route 10, and then all the way up to Shigetomi Junior High School in Aira city. The runners make a U-turn at Shigetomi Junior High School to head back towards Kagoshima City Hall. The two southbound lanes will be open to cars, The two northbound lanes will be used for the marathon.


The details and the time schedule are below.


The areas below are turned into a pedestrian precinct on the day.



Around Chuo Park (Ten Park)

6:00 ~ 16:30

Around Meizan Primary School

8:15 ~ 16:00

Around Dolphin Port

3:30 ~ 10:00

Around Minato Odori Park

(In Front of City Hall)

8:15 ~ 16:00

The Traffic Restriction Schedule

Restricted Area

Contents of the Restriction


Dolphin Port → Kagoshima Shinko

Closed to Vehicular Traffic

8:00 ~ 9:30

Kagoshima Shinko

Bayside Geihinkan

8:00 ~ 9:45

Bayside Geihinkan →

Baseball Stadium Bus Stop

8:10 ~ 9:55

Baseball Stadium Bus Stop →


Closed  to Vehicular Traffic

*Runners run through the tunnel under Route 225.

8:15 ~ 10:00

Kishaba → Arata

Closed to Vehicular Traffic

*Northbound side only. Southbound side (1 way) available.

8:15 ~ 10:05

Arata → Shinyashiki

8:15 ~ 10: 15

Shinyashiki → Takamibaba

8:15 ~ 10:25

Takamibaba → Izuro

Closed to Vehicular Traffic

8:15 ~ 10:35

Izuro → Asahi-dori

8:15 ~ 10:35

Asahi-dori →

Chuo Park (Ten Park)

Closed to Vehicular Traffic

(Asahi-dori ⇔ Higashi Post Office is open from 10:35.)

6:00 ~ 16:30

Chuo Park (Ten Park) →

Gateway to Shiroyama

Closed to. Vehicular Traffic

8:20 ~ 10:45

Gateway to Shiroyama →

Nagata Junior High School

8:30 ~ 15:45

Nagata Junior High School →


8:30 ~ 15:45

Kami-honmachi →

Torigoe Tunnel (The Southside)

Closed Vehicular Traffic

*Northbound side only. Southbound road is becoming a two way road during the period.

8:30 ~ 16:45

Torigoe Tunnel (The Southside) →

Shigetomi Post Office

Closed to. Vehicular Traffic

8:10 ~ 15:25

Shigetomi Post Office →

Shigetomi Junior High School

Closed to Vehicular Traffic

*Northbound side only. Southbound road is becoming a two-way road during the period.

9:15 ~ 13:30

*Lane reduction from 7:15

Nagata Junior High School →

Gateway to the Aquarium

Closed  to. Vehicular Traffic

10:00 ~ 15:45

Gateway to the Aquarium →


10:00 ~ 15:45

Sanbashi-dori →

City Hall East Annex

8:15 ~ 16:00

Asahi-dori → Izumi-cho

6:00 ~ 8:15



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