KIC Christmas Party Will Be Held This Year, Too!

This is a party with a calm and gentle atmosphere, set in a relaxed space with stylish guests enjoying tasty food and drink and having a wide range of conversations!

Why not dress up, go out, and meet a different you!

The dress code is formal: gentlemen in tuxedos and Ladies in long dresses or cocktail dresses.

You don’t have such things?
In that case, please have a look of the photos from last year’s party.

The party is again in a European style this year. There will be no formal ceremony (unlike most other parties).

We want all the guests to enjoy themselves and relax.

You can meet a lot of interesting people from a variety of backgrounds.
Come and join us. It will be a great party!

[KIC Christmas Party]
Date: December 19th (Wed)
Time: 19:30 ~
Place: Treduno (3-32 Higashi-sengoku town, Kagoshima city /
diagonally across from NC Sun Plaza)
Tel: 099-224-8011 (Kagoshima Internationalization Council)

Pictures of the last Christmas party →

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