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Flexibility Entertainment Hall and Work Lounge on the 5th Floor of Li-Ka1920

13 Food shops and restaurants opened this Spring in Li-ka1920 near JR Kagoshima Chuo Station. The whole place fully opened on the 18th of June 2021.

The 5th floor has “Li-ka Nangoku Hall”, “Conference Rooms” and “Li-Ka Work Lounge”.
This floor is the culture and workspace floor which covers a range of uses from business to entertainment. The notable difference between this place and more traditional places is flexibility.



Li-Ka Nangoku Hall
~ Flexible System which Can Handle Various styles of Entertainment ~


The Hall is a multi-purpose hall with moving bleachers, and it has 350㎡ floor space and a capacity of 450.
All the tool batons and lighting batons are electric. All lights are LED energy-saving designs.
The tool batons, lighting batons, and 35 stage decks can be arranged for purposes such as stage style, school style and booth style.
The sound and lighting facilities are also substantial, so it is a suitable venue for live concerts as well.
And since all the air is replaced once every 20 minutes, there is no lack of ventilation measures.
The foyer of the hall is a large glass-enclosed spacious space.

From the window, you can overlook Kagoshima’s land gateway and places such as the Kagoshima Chuo Station Building, the taxi pool, the bus stops on the left, and the tram street on the right.

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Conference Room

~ Have Various Style Meetings Right Next to Chuo Station ~

The three conference rooms with a maximum of 50 to 160 seats can be used for various purposes, supporting various layouts such as “school style”, “theater-style”, “square-shaped style”, and “island style”. It also has the flexibility of being able to be used after hours (with a surcharge).

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Li-Ka Work Lounge

~ A fashionable Coworking Space Where You Can Hold Events ~

Calm lighting and interior colors in a spacious area. It is a workspace where you can work in an elegant mood.
You can choose seats according to your preference, such as counter seats, table seats, sofa seats, and semi-private rooms.
* You cannot reserve a seat, so you may not be able to sit in the seat you want. (Free address system, no fixed seats)

It is fully equipped with a power supply, a USB port, a stand light, and Wi-Fi.
There is also a copy machine and a drink bar.

The fashionable work lounge like a cafe near Kagoshima Chuo station could be a popular place!
The fee is ¥770 for 1 hour, ¥1,100 for 3 hours, ¥3,300 for 1 day, and ¥22,000 yen for a monthly pass valid for 1 month from the date of purchase.

In addition, the table seats by the window of the work lounge can be used for events.

The staff said that the night view is especially recommended, so it seems that you can use it without being bound by time or usage.


“Li-Ka” is named from the sound of;

Coming to Kagoshima; “Raika (来鹿)”
To like Kagoshima; ”LIKE KAGOSHIMA”
Living in Kagoshima;「LIFE KAGOSHIMA」

I hope that it will be a place where both visitors and residents of Kagoshima can enjoy themselves freely and flexibly.

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