(Minami-satsuma Kaido Ganjin-no Michi-aruki
/ 第12回 南さつま海道 鑑真の道歩き)

MINAMI-SATSUMA GANJIN WALK 2024 <br />(Minami-satsuma Kaido Ganjin-no Michi-aruki<br /> / 第12回 南さつま海道 鑑真の道歩き)

(Photo: View of the East China Sea from Ganjin Memorial Hall)

Ganjin (Jianzhen) was a Chinese monk who was invited by Emperor Shomu and helped to propagate Buddhism in Japan.
Making the voyage to Japan at that time was very difficult and he failed 5 times. On the 6th time he lost his eyesight, but he came to japan, at last in 753, arriving in Akime in Bonotsu.

This walk is held in memory of Ganjin. You can walk looking at the beautiful scenery of the sea and hills on the course and the place where Ganjin arrived.

(1) Kushi/Akime Course (for advanced walkers, approx. 20 km) Capacity 400 people
(2) Kasasa Course (for beginners, approx. 10 km) Capacity 400 people

(How to apply for participation)
Apply in advance via the Internet
 Please apply from the Minami-Satsuma City Event Application Site.
 You cannot apply on the day of the event.

Application period
January 17 (Wed.) - January 31 (Wed.), 2024

Start Feb. 24, 2024

Kushi/Akime Course
Registration 8:00 ~
Opening Ceremony 8:45 ~
Start 9:00

Kasasa Course
Registration 9:00 ~
Opening Ceremony 9:45 ~
Start 10:00




Bonotsu Town, Minami-satsuma City

Place(1) Kushi / Akime course start & finish site: Kushi Community Center (Kushi Chiku Kominkan)
(2) Kasasa Course start & finish site: Kasasa Park



Participation fee:
Adults and high school students: ¥1,500
Elementary/junior high school students: ¥300
Infant: Free
Adults (with 900ml of shochu / 20 years old and over only): ¥3,500
*The entry fee includes a course map, commemorative badge, bib, and insurance.
*No applications can be made on the day of the event.

Contact The executive
TEL: 0993-53-2111
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