(Misaki-matsuri @ Sata / 佐多の御崎祭り)

This is a festival in which the younger sister goddess of Misaki Shrine, which is on the walking course at Cape Sata, goes to see her bigger sister goddess of Chikatsu-no-miya Shrine about 20km from The Cape Sata.

This festival is held for 2 days and it is designated as a prefectural important intangible folk cultural asset.

On the 1st day (February 15th), the goddess of Misaki Shrine visits 7 places (Tajiri, Odomari, Tonoura, Madomari, Takenoura, Furusato, Kori) on the portable shrine, and the Shinto ritual is held in each area invoking the area’s safety, people’s health and a good catch of fishing.
The most difficult part on the way is “Donhira Saka-kudari” in the Sakamoto area. People carry down the portable shrine down the narrow, winding path.
The younger sister goddess stays in a temporary shrine at the Kori area on the night, then she goes to see her bigger sister on the next day.

On the 2nd day (February 16th), a market opens and seedings, plants, farm implements, and other things are sold.

The younger sister goddess is moved to the portable shrine from the temporary shrine and a Shinto ritual representing the goddess seeing her sister is held at the Chikatsu-no-miya shrine.

Invoking good crops, a festival is held in the Shrine precinct, and funny plays and other events are held.

Start Feb. 15, 2020 〜 Feb. 16, 2020

February 15 6:30 ~
February 16 12:00 ~


Traditional event


Sata-magome & other places, Minami-osumi town, Kimotsuki county, Kagoshima prefecture


PlaceMisaki Shrine, Chikatsu-no-miya Shrine & other places

Admission fee: Free

Contact Board of Education of Minami-osumi town
TEL: 0994-24-3164
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