Sakurajima Noryo Kankosen (桜島納涼観光船) is popular in the summer time in Kagoshima.
People enjoy the city lights of Kagoshima and fireworks displays from the ferry.
You can see the fireworks display every night from the ferry and many events will be held such as some stage performances on Saturdays and Sundays, a raffle (2nd floor), a shouting contest (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays only / 2nd floor) and a stamp rally for children every night.
On the 3rd floor, there is an udon and soba restaurant and a shop where you can buy beer, snacks, original ferry T-shirts and other things.
There is a food corner on the 1st floor and they sell crepes, fried chickens, hot-dogs and drinks.
Bringing your own food is also OK.
There is also a play area and a few summer festival stalls for kids on the 1st floor.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, "Yukata Nights" will be held and if you wear yukata on these days, you can get Sakurajima ferry’s original goods.
“Sakurajima Kinko-wan Geo Park day” on which you can make the Meiji Restoration characters from volcanic ash clay is held on August 1st (Wed), 8th (Wed), 22nd (Wed) and 29th (Wed).
* Place or seat is not specified on the ferry.
*Please get a seat or get a place on the tatami mat on the 3rd floor, or put your picnic sheet or camp chair where you like except the open deck on the 5th floor or the passage where you might block the way. (Getting the place is in order of arrival. On the weekdays, people start to line up from about 17:30).
★You can reserve a seat or place if you,
1, …make a reservation by noon on the boarding day for the set meal.
(Kinko Bay Beer Garden on the 4th floor)
Tel: 099-253-5800 Hotel Union
2….have a group of over 15 people and book through the phone number below (099-293-4785 Senpaku-kyoku Eigyoka / 鹿児島市船舶局営業課)

[Kinko Bay Beer Garden Information]

Place: 4th floor
Menu: Set Meal → 
◆Kagoshima Kurobuta Mankitsu Yogan-yaki Course / かごしま黒豚喫溶岩焼きコース (Grilled Pork Course) 
◆Sakurajima Hai-boshi Kaisen Mankitsu Yogan-yaki Course / 桜島灰干し海鮮喫溶岩焼きコース (Grilled Sea Food Course)
◆Tokusen Lamb Mongolian mutton Course / 特選ラム肉ジンギスカンコース (Japanese Style Mongolian Mutton Barbecue)
Set Meal Fee: Only Meal 3,800yen each / person
(500yen discount for elementary, junior high and high school students)
Meal and the ferry ticket 4,600yen each / person
(900yen discount for elementary school students, and 500yen discount for junior high and high school students)
*The meal sets above includes all-you-can-drink
Tel: 099-253-5800 Hotel Union
*If you make a reservation for the set meal above, you can also make a reservation for your table.
*The beer garden also sells pizza, beer, yakisoba and other things.
*You can make a reservation for an hors d'oeuvre (5,400yen) or bento (1,080yen) by the day before you get on board.


◆August 1st (Wed) Opening
Sakurajima Hinoshima Taiko (Japanese traditional drum performance)
Hula dance
◆August 4th (Sat)◆
Hula dance
◆August 5th (Sunday)◆
Miyai Noriyuki (J-POP)
◆August 11th (Sat / National holiday)◆
Hula dance
◆August 18th (Sat)◆
Kagoshima Kinkowan Summer Night Fireworks Festival
 *Enjoy the huge fireworks show of Kagoshima's big event from the ferry!
◆August 19th (Sun)◆
Koh Wakamatsu (Acoustic)
◆August 25th (Sat)◆
Chiho Nishida & Ryoichi Tajima (Jazz)
◆August 26th (Sun)◆
R&R Steel Orchestra
◆August 31st (Fri) Ending
Sakurajima Hinoshima Taiko (Japanese traditional drum performance)

Start Aug. 01, 2018 〜 Aug. 31, 2018

*The ferry doesn’t sail from 12th (Sun) to 15th (Wed) of August.

Boarding: 18:30
Departure: 19:00
Arrival: 21:00


Summer Pleasure Ferry Cruise


4-1 Honko-shinmachi Kagoshima city Kagoshima Prefecture

PlaceBoarding: Sakurajima Ferry Terminal

Special parking lot (No charge) 60 spaces
*Please park your car at a toll car park near the ferry terminal if the special parking lot is full.
(There is no discount service for toll car parks.)
*On August 18th (Kinko-wan Summer Night Festival), the special parking lot is not available.


【Boarding tickets】
Adults (J.H.S.Students and above): 1,000 yen 
(Advance tickets 900 yen)
Children (1-year-old ~ E.S.Students): 500 yen 
(Advance tickets 450 yen)
Family tickets (Up to 4 people and Up to 2 adults): 2,400 yen
*Discount tickets for groups, seniors, and disabled people are available.
*Advance tickets available: July 1st (Sun) ~ July 31st (Tue)
【Places sell boarding tickets】
Sakurajima Ferry Terminal (2F)
Seven Eleven (P-code: 690-507)
LAWSON (L-code: 83468)
Family Mart

Contact Sakurajima Ferry Terminal
TEL: 099-223-7271
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