KICS International Bus Tour ~Nagashima town~

KICS International Bus Tour ~Nagashima town~

Nagashima town is located in northwest Kagoshima prefecture. It has beautiful coastline and blue sea. Their speciality is potatoes, yellowtails, mandarin oranges and shochu! Many things to enjoy such as tasty food, golden sunset and fisherman's fire.
On this tour, you can enjoy the experience of being in Nagashima and observing its beauty while interacting with other participants.
This is the Annual KICS Bus Tour, which is for Japanese and Non-Japanese people who live in Kagoshima, this year going to Nagashima together in order to deepen the understanding of Nagashima culture and the exchange between people participating in the trip.

Where to visit: A Shochu Factory and an ancient tomb in Nagashima town

Activities: Digging up potatoes

Capacity: 60 Japanese, 60 foreigners for a total 120 people
(In case of too many applications, KICS will hold a draw for place allocation.)

Application deadline: November 21 (Wed)
*Your application must be received by this day.

Apply: please e-mail (with KICS International Bus Tour as the subject) the address below. You are welcome to apply with your friends or family on the same form. However, please remember to write the name (including katakana reading if it’s known) gender, age and nationality of all participants.
□KICS International Bus Tour
□Name of all participants (both English /Kanji and Furigana reading)
□Gender and age(of all participants)
□Address(including post code)
□Telephone number
□E-mail address
Apply To:
Dissecting Japanese Amberjack (fish)
Sampling food

Start Dec. 02, 2012

8:00 ~ 18:00

PlaceMeeting place: Kagoshima city

Fee (Insurance and lunch are included)
KICS members (these who paid for membership in 2012) 700yen
Non-members 1,200yen

Contact Kagoshima International Citizens' Society
TEL: 099-216-1131
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