Kagoshima’s Artistic Talents on Display ~ KAGOSHIMA DESIGN FAIR 2014 ~


Designers and creators from all over Kagoshima prefecture gather at this event, making it very impressive!

“KAGOSHIMA DESIGN FAIR 2014” was held from the 21st (Fri) to 23rd (Sun) in February. The entrance fee was free.
This event has been held for 23 years, and you can feel the history from the various works.

Along with the design booths there are some events such as five workshops, an English musical, an English speech, a fashion show, two lectures and a music gallery.

There was a play space for little children by “PLAYGLOVAL Takemaru Kogyo”, so I think parents with kids could also enjoy the event.

The theme for this year was “Look, Touch and Feel”. Each booth displayed various works. There were 73 booths.

This is the entrance on the 2nd floor of Kagoshima Prefectural Citizens Exchange Center.
I could smell tasty coffee from the tent on the right side. This is also one of the booths, “SANDECO COFFEE”.

At the entrance, visitors were handed a little pamphlet which tells about the each exhibition and voting papers to cast a vote for their favorite booth.

After you enjoy the design fair, you vote into one of the little drawers which have the numbers of the booths next to the entrance.

Here is a part of booth displaying!

A colorful board right through the entrance gate.
It is the work by a design company “doart”.

You can also see another booth which is black with colorful letters.
This booth exhibited chalk art by “Tacha-chalk-art”. I was surprised at the vivid colors.

The picture above shows collages of pieces of colored paper and calligraphy of a method based on Yin and Yang philosophy by Hokyu-do”.

Here are cherry blossoms in the shape of plastic bags.
The plastic bag is the garbage bag of Isa city, but it’s designed to be used for shopping first.
You might feel happier to take garbage out with these bags.

“Chin Jukan Pottery Store” attracted people with a simple and modern exhibition.

Accessories on the tree are made with Japanese paters!
“Washi Gallery”.

A work makes you feel “wabi sabi”.

This is a collaboration of some fresh flowers and black-and-white paintings of flowers. The red color is effective.

“Flower Space M-24”

The two photos above are the works of “Washi Atelier Teneda × KH”
Modern works using Japanese traditional paper are fascinating!

Some haiku (Japanese poems) in English composed by students were exhibited at the booth of “Kagoshima Immaculate Heart College”.
It was very interesting to know about English haiku which is also made with 5-7-5 syllables and talks about seasons like Japanese haiku.

The booths above are only a part of the fair.
I’d never be able to tell the real feeling of the atmosphere of the site, the lively motion of the plays, the joy of workshops and the nice expressions of the children who play with the creative toys.
Please come to see the various talents in Kagoshima next year.

The web site of the Kagoshima Design Association, the organizer of “Kagoshima Design Fair 2014” is http://www.kagoshimada.com/

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