Kagoshima is located in the South West of Japan. Kagoshima consists of 2 peninsulas and about 20 islands. Total land area is 9,167 km which makes it the 10th biggest prefecture in Japan. Kagoshima is surrounded by the East China sea and the Pacific ocean, and about 600 km length from north to south. More than half of Kagoshima’s land is covered by volcanic ash. The Volcanic mountain “Mt. Sakurajima” is located
4km away from Kagoshima City. It’s active volcano brings us special nature and hot-springs. Kagoshima is the 2nd largest hot springs prefecture in Japan.


Kagoshima’s climate is sub-tropical. Kagoshima has warm weather and higher temperatures on average than the rest of Japan. Similar to the rest of West Japan, Kagoshima has basically high humidity in Summer (from June to the end of September). Winter in Kagoshima is cold, but it only snows a few times a year. The best season to visit Kagoshima climatically is Spring (April – May) before Rainy season (mid June – beginning of July) and Autumn (Oct-Nov.). Autumn is the best season to enjoy seasonal foods and also a good hot-spring season. If you are a marine sport lover, Kagoshima Summer is definitely the best!!

Avarage Temperature of Kagoshima (as of 1971-2000)

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec AVG
Kagoshima 7.2 8.3 11.4 16.4 20.1 23.4 27.4 27.9 25.1 20.0 14.5 9.2 17.6
Tokyo 5.8 6.1 8.9 14.4 18.7 21.8 25.4 27.1 23.5 18.2 13.0 8.4 15.9

Average Precipitation of Kagoshima

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Kagoshima 87.4 102.7 160.6 229.8 259.0 399.5 303.7 213.1 216.4 106.1 87.6 70.9
Tokyo 257.3 272.9 427.0 425.6 454.6 697.1 324.9 296.0 398.6 303.8 270.6 230.4

Kagoshima People

Population of Kagoshima Prefecture : 1,768,131 (as of Feb. 2005)
Population of Kagoshima City : 605,543 (as of Feb. 2005)
Numbers of Foreigners living in Kagoshima Pref. : 5,753 (as of Dec. 2003)

Let’s talk in Kagoshima Dialect!

English Standard Kagoshiman
Thank you Arigatou gozaimasu Aigato Sagemoshita
Welcome Youkoso Yukusa ojjatta moshita
Please come in Oagari kudasai Agai yatta monse
many / a lot Takusan Zunbai
How much? Ikura desuka? Doshikona?
Handsome Kakkoii Yokanise
You Anata Ohan
I’m tired Tsukareta Daremoshita
Shame Hazukashi Genne
Sleepy Nemui Nebi


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